Saudi Arabia beheaded 130 prisoners this year

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SAUDI Arabia has beheaded 130 prisoners this year with corpses reportedly dangled from helicopters as a warning to would-be criminals.

A public execution saw six Yemeni men and a Saudi man die by sword on Tuesday – just a day before Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in the country.

The Yemeni men had been convicted of murder and robbery after a gang killed two men and a woman in a spate of robberies.

They were executed at Abha in the southwest of the Gulf kingdom.

The Saudi man was executed in the northern city of Tabuk after being convicted of smuggling pills, the interior ministry has said.

A report by The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in the Arabian Peninsula reportedly claims the men’s corpses were dangled from a helicopter as a warning to others.

The kingdom is governed under a strict form of Islamic law, with suspects convicted of “terrorism”, murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking all facing the death penalty.